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About Yaeli

Experience comes in many colors, textures, and smells. It can be raw or well done, It can be cooked all night, chopped, stirred, baked, or fried. It can be served in a deep bowl, on a silver platter, or placed by itself on an empty white plate. It can come as an abstract, neatly organized, low on ingredients, or rich with spices. Food for me is a sensational experience, I combine my two greatest passions for photography and fine food. I bring life to all my sets and tailor each shoot using styling skills and a vision created especially for each project.

Photography came in my life not long after the days I stood at the tip of my toes, trying to find out what my parents were cooking high up on the stove.


Both food and photography are ways of expression to me. Recording light, plates as canvases, both art.


well, that and a plate of pasta at every hour of the day.

food photographer, stylist.

photography guide.

based in Israel.

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